When are children back to school after summer holidays? September 2022 term dates

Parents and students across the UK are gearing up for their summer holidays.

As for Scotland, children are already enjoying their time off as schools close a little earlier than the rest of the UK.

With nearly six weeks off, families will be preparing for some much-needed time away, although with temperatures recently as high as 40C, there is little reason to jet off abroad.

For the students sitting their A-Levels and GCSEs, the break will be more than welcome as those weeks away can feel like a lifetime.

For pupils, the thought of returning to schools again is the last thing on their minds, but for parents it comes around again much sooner.

When do schools close for the summer in the UK?

The vast majority of schools across England will close for the summer on Friday July 22 – although some will have already broken up.

From here it will take you to your local council’s website, which should list the summer holiday dates and other school break times.

For students in Wales, the summer holidays will begin as little later, on Monday July 25.

Scotland operates on different dates to England and Wales, with schools already being closed since around July 1.

When do schools reopen after the summer holidays?

The majority of schools in England will reopen after six weeks off.

This means that students will return on either Wednesday August 31 or Thursday September 1.

Once again, you can check the exact times your local school will open on the government website.

Just put in your postcode again and follow the link through to your local council’s page.

As Wales starts its summer holidays a little later than England, students will remain out of school until Thursday September 2.

Schools in Scotland will open around Friday August 12, depending on when they closed earlier this summer.